Car salesman gives van to Brownwood man down on his luck


EARLY, Texas - One Brownwood man went through a series of troubles before the holidays but the generosity of a car salesman helped turn things around.

Bill Boykin hurt his back on the job, was then let go, and fell behind on his bills, including the first payment for a used minivan he bought in December.

Without a steady income to pay the $250 car bill, he tried returning it.

"I brought the car back," Boykin said. "I tried giving it back [and], he said, 'No, just keep it and let's see what happens."

He's talking about John Stanley, who co-owns Big J Auto Sales in Early with his wife.

They have a history of helping those in need. Back in July, KTXS reported when they gave a car to a struggling single mother.

The Stanleys felt compelled to act once again when they learned of Boykin's situation.

"It's like I told you last time, there's enough bad going around, a little good doesn't hurt," John told KTXS.

He told Boykin to pay only $150 for the title transfer and the van would be his. He wouldn't need to worry about a monthly payment.

"It's a big help because I didn't have nothing at all," Boykin said. "I lost everything."

The minivan sold for $3,000 at the lot of Big J Auto Sales, but Stanley said this wasn't about money.

"For somebody who doesn't have a car, it's huge," he said.

The Stanleys also gave another car away on Wednesday to a woman who worked at Big G Grocery in Early. He said they did it so she wouldn't have to walk in the cold.

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