Abilene church delivers warm meals on Christmas Day


ABILENE, Texas - Several church members spent their Christmas Sunday delivering hot, home-cooked meals to Abilenians in need.

This was the first year the Abilene First Church of Nazarene delivered meals on Christmas Day, but Pastor David Kessell said his congregation wants to put Christ's message to work on the day of his birth.

"Would you be interested in a Christmas meal and dinner?" Kessell asked someone holding up a sign.

"Yes sir," the person replied.

Kessell moved to Abilene two-and-a-half years ago from Ohio to become the pastor at First Church of Nazarene.

He took his wife and three teenage sons to deliver meals around the Key City.

"If there's anything we can do as a church to make anything, a blessing to anybody, I believe that would be the key thing," Kessell said.

The idea began with church members Jimmy and Malisa Creager.

"This is our seventh year doing this," Malisa said. "It started out of our home."

The Creager family began delivering meals when they lived in Michigan, and they wanted to bring that spirit of giving with them to Abilene.

"There are so many people out there who don't have families or they don't have someone there," Creager said.

Kathy Kessell said bringing her kids taught them about the true meaning of Christmas.

"You go to give and it's better to give than to receive," she said. "But, then you end up receiving the blessing of seeing their faces and how much they appreciate it."

Kessell said he used the Lord to guide him on where to deliver meals

"I guess you call it a surprise attack blessing," he said.

They finished their delivering duties by blessing the clerks at an Allsups convenience store.

"A church should be about Jesus and then loving others," Kessell said.

Kessell said he hopes to make this a yearly tradition at his church.