City of Abilene wants input on proposed cuts to bus routes


ABILENE, Texas - The city of Abilene is proposing new fixed routes that will reduce CityLink's schedule from 12 routes to eight, but the city's transportation director wants people to get informed and voice any concerns.

Kathy Hill said CityLink is her only means of transportation and that if the change happens, it will take her an hour and 15 minutes to get to work every day. That's 30 minutes more than her current commute, but she said it may be worse for others.

"It's gonna affect many of the participants that I am with [who] take the buses to work, to the hospitals, and to grocery stores," Hill said.

Abilene Director of Transportation Don Green said though they're cutting back on routes, they'll still focus on other transportation services. You can see the proposed route changes by clicking HERE.

"We wanted to continue our service for medical appointments, shopping, and hit our major employment centers around town," Green said.

According to Green, the first routes were implemented 10 years ago, and he thinks the city needs this change. The move also comes after CityLink has seen fewer passengers on certain routes in recent years.

The city of Abilene will have two public hearings and Green encourages people to go out, get informed, and voice their concerns.

"We have these public education public meetings to make sure everybody is informed about this and has a chance to [give] their input into this," Green said. "We want to make sure this works for as many people as possible."

The two meetings will take place on November 8 and 14 at City Hall. If the Abilene City Council approves the new routes, they will be implemented starting next year.

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