Clyde family seeks memorial quilt accidentally donated to Goodwill


CLYDE, Texas - After accidentally donating a precious quilt, one Big Country family is asking for the public's help in recovering it.

The quilt was made of work shirts belonging to Buford Searcy with the goal of bringing comfort during a time of grief. Searcy passed away from cancer in December of 2012.

The woman who made the quilt, Scarlett Koettell, tells KTXS the Clyde family had to box things up and move them out of the house in July because of flooding in the area. The family then took several items to the Clyde Goodwill store for donation and inadvertently donated the quilt.

When the weather brought cold temperatures in early January, Searcy's daughter started to look for the quilt and realized she donated it.

If you have any information about the quilt, you're encouraged to contact Koettel at 325-668-9081.

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