Clyde's Burton awarded KTXS/ATFCU Player of the Week


CLYDE, Texas - It's not often you come across a stat-line as impressive as the one Clyde quarterback Payton Burton had against Brady last week.

The junior scored seven touchdowns -- all in the first half -- to take the KTXS/Abilene Teachers' Federal Credit Union Player of the Week honor.

"Everyone felt like they were awake, and ready to play," said Burton, who moved from running back to quarterback this off-season. "To me it felt awesome because that's how we need to play every game.

Burton completed 14 of 19 passes for 212 yards and four touchdowns, while running the ball 11 times for 129 yards and three scores in the 58-0 win at Brady.

"We were able to run the ball very effectively," Clyde head coach Rocky Smart said. "In the passing game, if things weren't open Payton pulled it down and got 10-plus yards running the ball. That's always a weapon when you have a quarterback who is a quality runner."

At six-foot-one and 215 pounds, Burton is bigger than most of the defenders trying to tackle him which helps make him a force on offense, and on the defensive line where he plays end.

The bruising ball-carrier with striking red hair has also received an unusual nickname from his coach.

"I call him El Gallo Rojo, the Red Rooster. I don't really have a reason why, it's just because he has red hair. Red-headed guys usually get nicknames."

Smart said a teammate of his at Hardin-Simmons called himself El Gallo Moreno, or the Brown Rooster, and he adapted it for his quarterback.

"I like it because it is true, I am a red head," said Burton. "I respond to it."

Burton also plays basketball and baseball, and high jumps in track. He said he'd like to get the opportunity to play a sport in college, but he's also thought about becoming a firefighter in Abilene.

"I've had friends' dads that have been firefights, and I've thought that'd be a pretty cool career."

Burton and the Clyde Bulldogs continue their season with a bi-district playoff game on Thursday night at 7 against Brock at Shotwell Stadium.