Coleman resident fights house fire, credited with minimizing damage

Courtesy: Coleman Fire Department

COLEMAN, Texas - The Coleman Fire Department says a homeowner minimized damage to her home by fighting the fire with a water hose.

Firefighters were dispatched to a house fire Tuesday on E. 24th Street. When they arrived, smoke was showing from the back side. They opened up a wall and the attic and put out the flames.

The owner said she smelled smoke and thought there might be a grass fire in the area. So, she walked out back to look. That's when she spotted the fire on the back wall.

She used a water hose to try and put it out while calling 911.

The fire department says the fire was already too large for her to handle with the hose, but she managed to take away "some of the intensity and effectively 'reset' the fire 5-10 minutes."

"I believe this quick thinking on her part is the reason why the entire attic was not involved on our arrival," said Jimmy Watson with the Coleman Fire Department.

"While we don't recommend anyone putting themselves in harm's way to try and extinguish the fire, she was able to do so safely from the exterior of the building in this case."

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