Pancake breakfast in Abilene raises money for historic aircraft


ABILENE, Texas - The Commemorative Air Force Big Country Squadron offered plane rides Saturday morning during their pancake breakfast.

"Just come out, eat pancakes and look at the airplanes," said Squadron Leader Colby Turnbough. "We're not charging. It's just a donation. We want [everyone] to have a good time."

Turnbough said this is their way of raising money to preserve the Stinson L-5, a historic World War II aircraft.

Once we took off into the air, Operations Officer Garry Potter took his hands off the controls and let me fly the plane for a few minutes.

"I'm a flight instructor and I teach people to fly the airplanes that we teach in and the first thing they learn is what you learned today," Potter said. "How to move the controls, the elevator, the ailerons, and the rudder."

This is the Big Country Squadron's second pancake breakfast this year.

"Operations of this airplane is not real expensive compared to some other war birds, but it does require some expense to operate and we appreciate all the donations that help us do that," Potter said.

The Executive Officer of the Big Country Squadron said more than $900 were raised at the event.