Construction on I-20 near Sweetwater causing 'tar' issues for some drivers


ABILENE, Texas - The Texas Department of Transportation has received a couple of calls about construction work on westbound Interstate 20 near Sweetwater, and one viewer sent photos of his tires covered in tar.

Public Information Officer for TXDOT " s Abilene District Mary Belle Turner said the contractor has experienced some challenges with putting down asphalt in this location.

" TxDOT and the contractor are working diligently with to make sure they address those issues and alleviate," Turner said. "In the meantime, if drivers are going through there, just be especially watchful for this area mostly, just be patient with the construction process."

Turner said the tar is sticking to cars as result of flushing. Flushing happens when there is a high volume of cars on the road and high temperatures. The project is expected to wrap up in the next couple of weeks. Next is the hot mix application, which will make the roads smooth.

The viewer who sent in the photos said he is talking with the contracting company to see if it will cover the replacement cost for his tires.

If anyone is experiencing any difficulty with their cars after driving through construction, they are asked to contact TxDOT.