Consumer Alert: Got a call from your own number? It's a scam


ABILENE, Texas - An old scam that involves your cell phone is ringing off the hook in the Big Country.

Several people have contacted KTXS to report they received a call from what appears to their own cell phone number. The caller claims the person's account has been hacked and they need a social security number to verify the account.

One of the targets of the scam told KTXS they called AT&T to report it. An AT&T representative told them it's happening to a lot of their customers.

The Callahan County Sheriff's Office says it has also received several reports about the same thing. They say "THIS IS A SCAM!!"

The Texas Attorney General's Office says it's called "caller ID spoofing." The scammer uses technology to change the number that shows up on your caller ID.

It's been happening for at least three years. KTXS found the Better Business Bureau issued a warning about it in July 2014.

The AG's Office says "do not answer a call if your own phone number shows up on the caller ID - a technique that almost always indicates spoofing by a scammer."

Another tip from the AG - "If a caller asks for personal or financial information, simply hang up! You can always find a legitimate number for the business or entity in question and call them to find out if someone is trying to reach you. " Other ways to protect yourself Sign-up for the NATIONAL NO-CALL LIST or (888) 382-1222

Sign-up for the TEXAS NO-CALL LIST or call (866) 896-6225 File a consumer protection complaint with the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL CONSUMER PROTECTION Submit a consumer complaint form online OR fill out a form and mail it to: Office of the Attorney General P.O. Box 12548 Austin, Texas 78711-2548 OR call (800) 621-0508 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday- Friday