Cotton Patch sign in south Abilene crushes car, possibly hit by lightning

Sign at the Cotton Patch is south Abilene was reportedly hit by lightning Saturday night before it fell and crushed a car (Courtesy:?Buffi Lake)

ABILENE, Texas - A car was crushed by the sign of a south Abilene restaurant after the sign was believed to have been hit by lightning.

The manager of Cotton Patch on South Clack Street told KTXS that customers heard a loud boom during the storms Saturday night.

James Thornton said one of employees told him the sign fell on a customer's car. So he ran out to the parking lot to see that it was his 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix that had been crushed.


Thornton said it's the first time in the four years that he's worked at Cotton Patch that he has parked in that spot.

"That's always a popular spot for customers," Thornton said. "If I hadn't parked there … somebody could have been killed." Photos taken by KTXS show what appears to be burn marks on the sign. That could indicate the sign was hit by lightning. We sent the photos to the National Weather Service for confirmation.