Couple building underground dream home in Coke County


COKE COUNTY, Texas - A different kind of home is under construction southwest of Abilene in Coke County.

A man and his wife are fulfilling a 40-year dream of building a home underground.

"After 40 some-odd years of dreaming we were finally able to start putting some plans together," said Don Buchholz, who's building the home.

Buchholz showed us around the home, still under construction, that will end up being about 2,200 square feet -- under a hill.

Buchholz and his wife, Beth, have wanted to build an underground home since they saw one in a magazine back in the 70s. When they found this piece of land they knew it was time.

"I called a friend in Robert Lee," Buchholz said. "I said can you bring some big equipment over here and level this hill out for me, then we're going to put it back when we get through, and he said I'll be there in a little while. Sure enough, he got it done, and we got started."

Buchholz said about six feet of earth covers his home. He said that should protect him from just about anything mother nature could send his way.

"There are range fires out here," Buchholz said. "This is not going to burn. Tornados can't hurt it. The only thing that might get us is a flood, and I think we're high enough that water's just going to wash down. So, we think we've made a good choice."

Buchholz hired a company out of Minnesota to pour the concrete walls. He's taking care of just about everything else. It's a big job now, but he's looking forward to some peace and quiet in his unique dream home soon.

"It's beautiful when the sun comes up over yonder," Buchholz said. "It's nice out here."

They hope to have the home finished by the middle of next year.

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