Court docs provide new details about morning of Abilene realtor's murder


ABILENE, Texas - A newly released search warrant provides a few more details about the morning of Abilene realtor Tom Niblo's murder.

According to the search signed Dec. 12, Tom and wife Cheryl Niblo were in bed. She got up and went to the restroom with her phone.

As KTXS has previously reported, Cheryl Niblo heard several shots, ran out the back door and to a neighbor's house. Tom Niblo was shot eight times, including the head, face, abdomen, torso, left and right extremities, and left and right legs.

"The investigation did not reveal any evidence of why Cheryl McKissack Niblo removed herself from the bedroom at the exact time that Thomas Niblo was shot to death," the warrant states.

Police found Tom Niblo's smartphone on the bedside table. Cheryl Niblo's phone was found in the bathroom. Police said neither phone was used to call 911.

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The search warrant return gives some more insight into the crime scene. Among the items seized: - Eight .40 Smith & Wesson shell casings - Spent bullet recovered from the wall - Bloody pillow with bullet hole (on bed) - White plastic mattress protector with blood - Bloody, white cloth mattress pad - Bloody pillow and pillow case - Bloody white comforter in entry way - .40 caliber H&K P30 with a black holster and a magazine - Machete

Police also took swabs from the knobs on the front door, kitchen door, dining room door, master bedroom door, and game/display room door, as well as a gate latch, handle of machete and bullet casings.

They seized two laptops from the kitchen, along with three thumb drives.

Niblo's brother-in-law, Luke Sweetser, is a suspect in the murder. But no one has been charged with the shooting death.

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