Crash witness shares story as reminder to pay attention on roads


ABILENE, Texas - When Abilene resident Cynthia Robley can, she avoids driving down Buffalo Gap Road. She remembers the horrific accident that killed Earnest Medford on June 29 -- she stayed beside him praying until medics arrived.

Robley was on her way to her daughter's school when she saw Medford adjusting items that fell off his truck on the side of Buffalo Gap Road. She said a quick prayer and went about her route.

When she wrapped back around, she no longer saw his blinking car lights and noticed his equipment scattered across the road.

"I had no idea, no idea that when I was able to turn around and go right back, that he wouldn't be standing there anymore," Robley said as her hands were shaking. She wished she could have done more.

She rushed to the scene and held one hand over Medford's head and another pointed to the sky, and prayed. Medford was struck by a sedan driven by a young mother. He was pinned between her car and his.

Robley was shocked, she didn't know how it was possible to miss him. In her eyes, he was completely visible, wearing a bright white shirt in broad daylight. She said there wasn't much traffic. Robley strongly believes the driver was distracted.

The initial crash report taken by an Abilene Police Department investigator does not indicate the driver was distracted but does say speed may have been a contributing factor.

Nonetheless, the incident serves as a chilling reminder to Robley about road safety. She said she encourages people to put down their phones and keep both eyes on the roads.

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