Cross Plains voters to decide on beer and wine sales in city


CROSS PLAINS, Texas - Voters in the Callahan County town of Cross Plains have two things to decide on the ballot for May 6 -- one is selecting city council members, but the other is whether or not to allow the sale of beer and wine.

If approved, the measure would allow businesses to sell alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption only. That means the customer can't drink it inside the establishment.

The Food Plaza gas station sits at the intersection of two highways going in and out of Cross Plains. Store employees are often asked by people stopping in for gas if they sell beer and wine.

"That's probably our number one asked question, where can they get it, [since] we don't sell it," cashier Kelbi Hyles said on Thursday. "We're the only town in any direction you go who doesn't have it."

"Since I've been living here, it's the first time we've put it on the ballot," City Administrator Debbie Gosnell said on Thursday.

Gosnell said she hasn't done research on the financial impact, in terms of sales tax revenue, if alcohol sales are approved.

"Of course, any additional revenue for rural communities is a benefit," she said.

Shawn Bullock collected the signatures to get the initiative of permitting beer and wine sales up for a vote.

"My big thing is get it on the ballot," Bullock said. "And then give everybody a chance to at least vote. And if it passes, it passes. If it doesn't, it doesn't."

Gosnell said that only 17 people have cast an early ballot as of Thursday afternoon.

Early voting ends on Tuesday. Municipal elections take place a week from Saturday.

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