Customers claim Clyde gas station gouged prices in wake of Harvey


CLYDE, Texas - Many people were filling up their gas tanks on Thursday because they believed there was a shortage of gas, and one gas station in Clyde may have taken advantage of that.

A Butterman's Grill customer sent us a copy of a receipt showing the price of diesel at $4.09 per gallon Thursday.

"I will not walk into that store again," said Dawn Arispe. "Living in the community I live in, I grew up here. I went to school here. I have children, they go to school here. I know numerous people who will no longer give them their business."

A Butterman's Grill employee we spoke to Friday morning said the price spike was just a rumor. The employee didn't want to be interviewed, but said their gas price went from $2.19 a gallon to $2.39, and that's when they sold out.

Customers told us the price of gas was not on the signs, adding it was only listed on the pump itself. They said they found out when they started pumping the gas. Customers confused by the price called the store to ask for an explanation.

"What I did is I called up to there and I said, 'Hey you know I'm hearing that y'all are price gouging and charging $4.09 for gas,'" Arispe said. "And he said, 'People can call it what they want. It's Economics 101 and everyone needs to learn about it.'"

Several KTXS viewers also reached out to us and said they paid over $4 a gallon for diesel, or that they saw the price at Butterman's Grill and decided to go elsewhere.

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