Despite cold weather, wounded veterans honored at San Angelo parade


SAN ANGELO, Texas - Despite the cold weather, wounded veterans who risked their lives for our country were honored at a parade on Thursday in San Angelo.

Military members and the community were also there to show support.

The San Angelo Support for Veterans organization put together the event with the help of the city. The parade featured 24 wounded veterans bundled up, riding around in golf carts along the Concho River in approximately 30-degree weather.

Different people from the community showed up, some holding U.S. flags and thanking the veterans for their service.




One of the veterans, Glen Cooper, was flown in from Colorado. Cooper said his heroes are the ones risking their lives now.

"Having the population out and supporting us like this, especially these guys who are now my heroes because they're still in doing the job that I did a long time ago," Cooper said.

School marching bands also walked the parade as well as military members from Goodfellow Air Force Base. Military members volunteered their time to be a part of the event and drive the veterans on the golf carts.

One of the drivers, First Sergeant Cory Winkelman said it was his second year taking part in the parade.

"We do it for them," Winkelman said. "It's all about these guys and we enjoy it. We love it being out here. It's one of those things despite the weather expected conditions, the town is great."

One of the organizers, Sonny Cleere, said that although he didn't serve in the military, he realized the necessity of having armed forces.

"It's important because these are the people that put their lives on the line and they do it on a daily basis to protect those freedoms that you and I enjoy every day," Cleere said.

He also said that as long as the community wants the parade, they will continue to put it on.

"People in West Texas open their hearts to events such as this and we're happy to be able to have these 24 wounded warriors to honor," Cleere said.

The veterans will also be enjoying a free weekend of hunting at some ranches in the area.