Disaster preparedness seminar held in Brownwood


BROWNWOOD, Texas - The Brown County Health Department organized an emergency preparedness seminar Tuesday night to inform the public on what it takes to be ready for any disaster.

Nearly a dozen people went to the class, which started at 6 p.m. and went for about an hour inside the Brownwood Central Fire Station on 600 E. Adams Street.

Several local emergency officials spoke, including Brownwood Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator Eddy Wood.

"What should we do in a flood? It's in the plan. What do we need to if we have to shelter people? It's in the plan. How about a tornado? It's in the plan. The answer is always in the plan," Wood said.

Some suggestions given to those in attendance is that each family member have a 72-hour kit bag that stores important supplies, fitting that individual's needs.

These items could include, rope, comfortable walking shoes, first aid kit, and a crank powered radio kit. They also suggested storing up to two weeks of water and non-perishable food items.

Moreover, legal documents need to be readily available in case of any emergency.

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