Donors step up for Abilene Salvation Army ahead of Thanksgiving


ABILENE, Texas - At the Salvation Army of Abilene, staffers are already thawing out their donated turkeys so the birds can be fully cooked in time for the annual Thanksgiving Community Lunch.

The most stressful part of this year's Thanksgiving meal is over -- last week, the Salvation Army's walk-in fridge and freezer malfunctioned and staff had to immediately improvise, using smaller refrigerators in the eating hall.

KTXS' story on their preparations led to donations pouring in. It total, the Salvation Army received a little more than $5,000 in donations.

"Without that story that aired, we would never have gotten the help that we needed. I didn't even think to ask you to run that story. But God interceded," said Shelley Futrelle with the Salvation Army of Abilene.

Even though they have the funds to fix their walk-in fridge, the Salvation Army still needs to wait until the bidding process is completed, and that could take more time given how old their unit is.

"it's an ancient unit. I mean it is as old as the hills. I think it was here when the building was built, years and years ago," Futrelle said.

Still, kitchen staff has been able to serve their three meals a day and prepare for Thanksgiving without the walk-in fridge.

They just hope to have it done before their busiest time of year: Christmas.

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