Dozens of kids attend Swimming with Santa event


ABILENE, Texas - On a warm December day, kids in Abilene had the opportunity to hang out with Old Saint Nick. 'Tis the season and Santa Claus made it to Abilene. He was at the Red Bud YMCA on Saturday for their Swimming with Santa event. Dozens of kids made a stop with their parents to write a letter to Saint Nick himself in hopes that it makes it to the North Pole for Christmas.

Santa took photos with kids and their parents and asked them what presents they wanted.

"We try to teach them the Christmas spirit so that they'll have the Christmas spirit not just today and not just through December, but for every month of the year," Santa said.

He also said that it's important for children to stay active, so he traded his sleigh for a kayak and headed to the pool.

Many kids asked for similar toys and electronics as presents and Santa said that he can't make any promises.

"Many of them want Xboxes this year, oh Santa can't produce all of those but we'll see what we can do, " Santa said.