DPS warns about safety as Holiday travel increases


ABILENE, Texas - The Texas Department of Public Safety wants you to avoid being a statistic.

During the Thanksgiving weekend last year, DPS troopers across the state issued nearly 52,000 citations and warnings for speeding, not having insurance, and not wearing seat belts. DPS has some holiday travel safety tips to keep you from joining those ranks.

"With these major holidays, I think the most important thing is planning it out. Plan the trip. Know the routes you're going to take, do the research on the weather because this time of the year, you never know," said DPS Trooper Sgt. Frederick Biddle.

Many travelers are already out there trying to beat the Thanksgiving traffic rush.

"I think it's going to get worse tomorrow. Glad I'm doing it today," said traveler Nick Dewaters.

Traffic isn't the only obstacle this week as construction continues in Abilene on Interstate 20 over Highway 351.

"It's busy and there's a lot of construction down I-20 so yeah, it's 75 [mph] and some I think are going too fast," said traveler, Angelica Calles.

DPS urges travelers to slow down in construction zones and in general.

"It's 75 on the highway and people are still blowing past you and they're putting people's lives at risk. I just wish they'd take a moment and everyone just slow down, be safe," Biddle said.

They also remind drivers to slow down or move over for police or emergency vehicles on the side of the road.

" Be sure to not drive while intoxicated, where them seatbelts, eliminate those distraction," Biddle said.