Expectant mothers showered with information at pregnancy fair in Abilene


ABILENE, Texas - Pregnancy Resources of Abilene, along with other organizations, held their second Abilene Pregnancy Fair Wednesday at the Public Health District.

Education coordinator Lydia Dubose said they are happy they can bring many different organizations to one place. "It's an opportunity for them to learn about all of the resources in Abilene all in one place together, so that they can know what's available to them throughout their pregnancy and their postpartum," Dubose said. At the fair, there were different organizations and outreach programs from, hospitals and clinics to child care centers. Women could sign up for free classes such as parenting, childbirth preparation, breastfeeding basics, and pregnancy wellness. First-time mother Angela Garcia said this fair was helpful to her.

"This event is really helpful," Garcia said. "I'm a first-time mother so just getting to see the different resources the community has is really helpful. It's also helpful so I can share with other moms here in Abilene." Mother of three Alissa Dees said she goes to a lot of fairs and she learns something new every time. She said she wished these resources were available when she was pregnant for the first time.

"My daughter was born in Louisiana and we lived out in the middle of nowhere and we didn't know about any type of resources," Dees said. First-time expectant mother Sarah Peery said this was her first time attending a health fair. She said she has received a lot of support from her family and the fair as well. "It's really nice," Peery said. "It's really nice that they're willing to give us information for free and not have to sear ch for different places for it. They all have it in one spot that you can learn about a bunch of different stuff that they have for you."

Dubose said the Pregnancy Resources of Abilene will try to host two pregnancy fairs each year in the spring and fall depending on the turnout.

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