Father, daughter reunite after 60 years in South Carolina


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WJLA/SBG) - It was a reunion a long time in the making -- 60 years to be exact.

Saturday, Sandy Lung and her father Skip Roberts met for the first time in 60 years thanks to a distant relative and

Skip served in the Navy as a teenager. He met Lung's mother in 1956 when he was stationed in Taiwan. Shortly after she was born, he left to continue deployment.

Now 60, Lung has been searching for Skip, who now lives in North Myrtle Beach, for 50 years.


Saturday, she rushed eagerly toward him in the baggage claim area of the Myrtle Beach International Airport, in an emotional embrace.

"I came miles and miles and miles just for a moment like this," she said standing next to Skip. "This is just worth it all," she said, tearing up.

Skip agreed.

Now 80, he never told anyone about his daughter. He was afraid he wouldn't see her again.

Sandy now lives in Hawaii. She had been talking every day with her father over the phone since mid-September. She said she learned to never give up hope.

"It's the final piece of the puzzle in my life. The final piece of the puzzle," she said.

She'll be in town for a little more than two weeks. Skip said there will be plenty to talk about.

"We've got to jam it in...but we'll get there," he said with a smile on his face.

"It's gonna be a time of healing," said Lung.