Bangs mayoral race heats up between incumbent, former mayor


BANGS, Texas - The race for mayor in the city of Bangs is heating up as incumbent Eric Bishop waited until the filing deadline to submit his ballot application.

Bishop, 48, is running for his fourth term against the former mayor -- who also happens to be his cousin - Carrol Wells.

He pointed to his most proud accomplishment as mayor - overseeing the opening of an ambulance station in the city. It eliminated the need for responders to make the 12-mile trip from Brownwood, and Bishop said it's saving lives.

"This was really a dream come true," Bishop said.

But Wells, a current city council member, feels that the city's priorities need to change.

"It's definitely financial," Wells said of her priority. "I think that is the biggest thing we can do right now because we have debt."

Bishop disagrees, stating public health and emergency management preparedness are the city's focus. He said Bangs has $750,000 in cash reserves.

"I don't want people to get scared that we are running out of money," Bishop said.

Wells previously served as mayor in 2006 when she won to serve the final year of an unexpired term. She was re-elected May 12, 2007, but resigned on October 29 - five months later.

Bishop said Wells resigned as mayor when she applied for the salaried city secretary job, but didn't get it. The position of mayor doesn't offer a salary.

"The biggest thing is that she quit," Bishop said. "She was the mayor, people elected her to be the mayor, and she quit."

Wells said that isn't true.

"I didn't want the job then as city secretary, and I certainly don't want it now," she said.

When KTXS asked her why she resigned, she didn't explain.

Early voting begins on April 24, with the election taking place May 6.

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