Former first lady speaks at Laura W. Bush Women's Health Institute fundraiser in Abilene


ABILENE, Texas - Former First Lady Laura W. Bush made her way to Abilene on Thursday evening to help raise money for the Laura W. Bush Women's Health Institute.

About 600 people arrived to hear Bush speak with Dian Graves Owen Stai, a philanthropist. The Bush family was just in after spending some time in Africa. Laura wore a red dress and a smile, happy to be in Abilene. Bush said she was proud of the work the Laura W. Bush Women's Health Institute has done, especially in the research of gender differences.

Bush also spoke about her meeting with current First Lady Melania Trump.

The two first ladies met for tea. Bush said Melania was kind enough to ask all the of the White House staff to meet with Bush again. Bush said she was very appreciative because she had grown to know the staff well. Melania also used Bush's china to serve tea, which served as a nice touch for Bush.

The former First Lady also spoke about the Bush family's work overseas. She said she hates when people say, "we need to get our troops out of Afghanistan or Iraq."

Bush said American troop presence is necessary for the space and security of the people living there.