Former nursing student files lawsuit against Cisco College, claims instructor bullied her


ABILENE, Texas - A former nursing student has filed a lawsuit against Cisco College in Abilene, claiming she was bullied by one of her instructors and eventually kicked out of the school's nursing program.

Cisco College officials declined to comment when contacted.

"Bullying isn't tolerated today or never has been," Tracy Brighten said. "Never did I think a woman my age and working around professionals, that they would do this kind of stuff. Ana Fuentes made my life a nightmare along with Marvella Starlin backing her up."

Brighten, who has attended Cisco College since spring of 2011, alleges nursing instructor, Ana Fuentes, allegedly bullied her while in the program.

Brighten said filing a lawsuit against the school was her last option after Cisco College did not follow its own grievance procedure and kicked her out of the program.

"From day one she took me into her office and said she overheard me talking to other students trying to rile them up about her, which never happened. A conversation like that never happened and it started from there," Brighten said.

In other instances, Brighten said her instructor would not let her ask any questions. According to Brighten, Fuentes would ignore her or slam the door and walk away if Brighten asked a question. Brighten said she signed a clinical evaluation that said she was not allowed to ask for help from any professor. Brighten does not know why she was singled out.

"I'm a nursing student working with real people and I'm not allowed to ask for help from anyone and that was at clinicals and school," Brighten said.

Brighten said instances like being accused of changing a number in her care plan and more led to her getting kicked out of the school.

According to the lawsuit, Brighten believes she was wrongfully dismissed from the school. Brighten ended up failing one of her three dosage tests that are taken at the end of each semester.

She said one of her instructors and another one kept coming in and out of the room, intimidating her. Because the school did not follow the grievance procedure, Brighten had no other choice but to take legal action.

"I had to see everybody else get to go on with their career…mine just stopped," Brighten said.

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