Fort Hood Soldiers Lend A Hand In Hailey Dunn Search

ABILENE, Texas - Missing for more than two months, the search for Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn got more help Saturday when a couple dozen Fort Hood soldiers joined the search.

?We are very grateful for them,? Kristy Lloyd, search coordinator said.

Searcher Bill Markuans agreed. ?It's an extreme amount of help to have them out there."

Search teams have been busy looking for Hailey since she disappeared more than two months ago from her home in Colorado City. Saturday, searchers said they are thankful to have the help and expertise of trained military professionals.

?We were trained by professionals, but we are not experts so anything that they have to add to us that will help us will be awesome,? Lloyd urged.

?In the short time that I?ve been with them, they've already taught me a couple of things,? Markuans stressed. ?They do bring that experience by being trained by the army also."

The soldiers wanted KTXS News to remind everyone they are not here as a unit, but simply as concerned volunteers.

?They're doing this out of the kindness of their heart,? Markuans said. ?They're not looking for any special attention or anything like that and they're being very, very humble and they just want to help us in any way that they can.

Lloyd told KTXS News the soldiers were struck by Hailey's story and wanted to help in any way possible, so they made the 230 mile trip from Fort Hood to Colorado City to help look for the missing teen.

?That was an answer to our prayers, so we got a lot more searchers today to assist to the searchers that have been showing up," Markuans explained.

The soldiers' help will have lasting effects. Markuans said he will take things he has learned from the soldiers and use them in future searches.

The search group will get together again Friday and Saturday at 9 AM to continue looking for Hailey. The ?Hailey Search? headquarters is on Walnut Street in Colorado City.