Friend of Abilene mother shot by son expresses sadness


ABILENE, Texas - Krystal M. was shocked when she heard her friend -- 42-year-old Rene Crosby -- had been shot.

Crosby's son Calvin Dunn Jr., 21, allegedly shot his mother in the head Friday morning.

As of Friday night, Dunn still hadn't been caught. He was considered armed and dangerous.

"I'm really sad," Krystal told KTXS. "I was crying this morning when I heard about it. I hope she pulls through and I hope that God's with her and all her family right now."

Krystal said Crosby has always been a happy and cheerful lady.

Search continues for Abilene man who shot his mother -}

"Always walking around saying hi to everybody," Krystal said. "I know her by sis. That's what I know her by."

Around noon Friday, Abilene police and its SWAT team searched a house near Sears Park, but Dunn wasn't there.

"Me as a mother, I just don't see how somebody can do that to their own mother," Krystal said.

Crosby was rushed to Hendrick Medical Center and is in critical condition. Crosby's family said she is doing better and can breathe on her own now.

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