Game warden gives tips to stay safe on area lakes this Labor Day weekend


ABILENE, Texas - As the end of summer approaches, many are taking advantage of the long weekend to go out to the lake. Game wardens want people to keep their safety in mind.

Texas Game Warden James Cummings said when you're riding your jet ski at the lake you must stay 50 feet away from others in the water.

He also mentioned that wearing life jackets is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

"The main thing we always caution on any holiday weekend like this is the life jackets," Cummings said. "Make sure you have a life jacket for everyone on board. They're not required to be worn unless they're 13 and under while the boat is underway, and just be mindful and watch your alcohol consumption."

Cummings said getting a BWI, or boating while intoxicated, is the same thing as a DWI, driving while intoxicated, charge in the penal code.

Many people are already familiar with the safety regulations while out on the lake.

People at Lake Fort Phantom told us how they spend their time at the lake and also stay safe.

Kimberly Gray said she was celebrating with her family.

"We're just spending time with family and celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday and celebrate Labor Day," Gray said. "We're going to be riding the boat, tubing, riding the jet ski and swimming."

"I mean, we of course wear our life jackets like we're supposed to," said Mark Sivells, who enjoyed his day on a boat. "It's the law."

A mother who was at the lake fishing with her family said how she keeps her children safe.

"They're not allowed to go near the water without us or be running around touching the hooks and things like that," she said. "They have to be with us at all times."