Gas price hike comes as Texans hit the road for Labor Day


ABILENE, Texas - Some of the largest gasoline refineries in the country shut down after the storm once known as Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, and people raced to the gas pumps, causing prices to jolt up.

During the holiday weekend, people say they the biggest challenge came at the start of the weekend.

"When I left the metroplex up there on Friday, it was already some places $2.65 [per gallon]," said Paul Kennedy, a traveler from Dallas.

"Half an hour, hour-long wait to get gas is pretty nuts," said Stanely Joseph, who was traveling from Lubbock to Dallas.

The average cost of gas in Texas is up 30 cents from a week ago.

"From our understanding, it was pretty much an artificial shortage. People were just going crazy, worried about things, so hopefully they've come to their senses," Joseph said.

Gas wasn't the problem for one family. Instead, it was the still-lingering remnants of Harvey.

"We had a trip planned to go to Nashville, Tennessee, but that's where Harvey was headed," said Sarah Reeder. "So our Labor Day trip, we went to Santa Fe, New Mexico instead."

Reeder expects to not have problems returning to Houston. "We haven't had any trouble so I think we'll be okay," she said.

Gas prices in Texas haven't been at this range since August of 2015, according to AAA.

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