Gems and minerals displayed in Abilene at annual show


ABILENE, Texas - Rare minerals and gems filled the Abilene Convention Center for the Central Texas Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show. Anyone who stopped by had the chance to crack open a geode, and purchase minerals, gems and fossils.

"We invite dealers from all over the United States to come and display all of their goods," said Brad Helbert, Vice President of the Central Texas Gem and Mineral Club.

Former earth science teacher Virginia Adian has been wrapping stones and fossils for more than 20 years, and this is her fourth time showing her work at this event. Adian said she was hooked the minute she learned how to wrap and finds it therapeutic.

"I saw somebody doing some of the wire wrapping, and he gave me my first lesson. The next thing I knew I was buying cabochons. Cabochons are polished stones," Adian said.

Guests had a chance to purchase a geode and see it get cracked open for the very first time.

"They're volcanic originally and several million years old. We crack these open for you, and you'll look in there and see the crystal. So you're the first one to see the inside of that rock," Helbert said.

"Geologists tell us a lot of these [geodes] are formed up to 35 million years ago, formed by volcanic gas pockets," said Walt Scarborough, President of the Central Texas Gem and Mineral Club. "When it rained a lot during that time and whatever kind of silica settled in it, with the water, while it was being formed is what causes the crystal formation inside."

The Central Texas Gem and Mineral Club told KTXS they've held these shows for about thirty years.

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