Donor gives $10,000 towards body armor for Brown Co. deputies


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - For the past few years, concern over law enforcement safety has been on the minds of many, but one family in Brown County wanted to ease the anxiety officers may have.

They did so by making a $10,000 donation to the sheriff's office for body armor.

"Everybody in uniform wears [a bulletproof vest] while on duty," Brown County Sheriff Vance Hill said on Tuesday.

Thirty deputies work for the Brown County Sheriff's Office, and Hill said each vest cost them $650. That may represent a large slice of their budget, but Hill said a price can't be put on protection.

"I'm more concerned now about our well-being this day in time, than I've ever been in the last 30 years," Hill said.

Hill attributes that feeling to recent deadly shootings involving officers. On Monday, he asked Brown County Commissioners to approve the acceptance of the $10,000 donation for body armor.

"This court commends [the donors]," Brown County Judge Ray West said Monday as commissioners unanimously approved the donation.

"It made me feel proud that there are individuals in this community who care enough for the protection of our individual deputies," Hill said.

The family, who lives in Bangs, wanted to remain anonymous, but spoke to KTXS by phone.

"Hopefully they'll look at it and say, that's a good thing. That's a good deed. Let's try to do more of that," they said. "We just wanted people to focus on what actually occurred, not us."

Hill said it will cost the county $20,000 to replace some tactical bulletproof equipment that expires at the end of this year.