Grand jury indicts 35 in Taylor County


ABILENE, Texas - A Taylor County grand jury on Thursday indicted 35 people on charges ranging from arson to aggravated assault.

Those indicted include:

Jazmin Lanail Rockuemore - arson

Emmanuel Boima, II - aggravated sexual assault (two paragraphs)

Rafael Renteria, Jr. - deadly conduct (two priors)

Johnny Dowell Cooper Aka Johnny D Cooper - possession of methamphetamine (two priors)

Adam Delacruz - escape (two priors) & injury to an elderly individual (three pargraphs), 2 nd count assault family violence (enhanced) (two priors)

Martin Vasquez - possession of methamphetamine, 2 nd count possession of marijuana

Dustin Michael Pady - assault family violence

Ben Fitzgerald Forge, Jr. Aka Ben Fitgerald Forge, Jr. - aggravated assault (one prior)

Tyler Wesley Peters - assault family violence, 2 nd count evading arrest (enhanced) (two priors)

Bronson Joseph Serasio - evading arrest (one prior)

Christopher Leif Crosier - possession of methamphetamine

Ashley Nicole Leach - possession of methamphetamine, 2 nd count possession of oxycodone

Lee Author Gonzales - possession of methamphetamine

Jeremy Cody Strickland - possession of methamphetamine

Alton Ray Brown - possession of methamphetamine (one prior)

Moses Moises Zabihian - aggravated assault

Lionel Flores - prohibited substance in a correctional facility, 2 nd count possession of cocaine

Jesse Edward Wise - driving while intoxicated

Jennifer Mason - possession of methamphetamine

Demetrius Montel Allen - possession of methamphetamine

Joshua Altus Beavers - theft, 2nd count unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (two priors)

Joe Reyna, Jr. - evading arrest (enhanced)

Tyler Wesley Peters - assault of a public servant (two priors)

Daniel Wayne Daughtery - possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, 2 nd count possession of methamphetamine (one prior)

Jessica Rennae Tellgren - injury to a child (three paragraphs)

Emmanuel Davi Yon Mims - theft of a firearm

Joshua Ruben James Preite - assault family violence, 2 nd count assault family violence (enhanced)

Nicholas Gary Norgaard - forgery (counterfeit)

Shaila Mikaylon Pendley - forgery (counterfeit)

Mark Anguiano Cruz - theft (enhanced)

Shawn Wade Prather - criminal mischief

Joshua Ray Brunk - theft & possession of methamphetamine

Bobby Joe Mason - possession of methamphetamine

Stephen Lee Elizondo - burglary of a habitation (five counts) & 2 nd count theft elderly

Mark Anguiano Cruz - theft

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