Hardin-Simmons adopts rescue colt for Six White Horses program


ABILENE, Texas - Hardin-Simmons University has a new member joining the famous Six White Horses, a rescued one-year-old colt named Iceman.

Iceman arrived at the SPCA of Texas in June as part of a cruelty case. The SPCA said in a social media post that Iceman was severely underweight from being malnourished and medically neglected, but they got him healthy in just a few months. Then HSU adopted him.

Six White Horses Program Director Debbie Jones said that he's in good shape now.

"He has quite a bit of a personality," Jones said. "He's pretty laid back but then he likes to play; and he can be a little ornery, but that's good, that's what a baby does."

Jones said that Iceman has a loving home at Hardin-Simmons.

"We're excited about him and it's fun," Jones said. "The girls love loving on him and brushing him."

"I think he's super cute honestly, and I don't know, he has a lot of personality that's different, because I raised two colts and he's just spunky," said one of the student caretakers.

Jones said Iceman will be very busy soon. She said they'll dress him up and take him around town so her can get used to it all.

"When he gets about two or even before that we'll start saddling him and getting him ready, so when he gets two years old, we'll be riding him and he'll fall right in there," Jones said.

Jones said they have a lot of training to do with Iceman, but he's loving his new family so far.