Hawley family heartbroken after 'memory box' of child lost before birth goes missing


HAWLEY, Texas - J.R. and Aundie Dickinson were heartbroken Friday -- to say the least -- when a box containing memories of daughter Charleigh Ann Rose Dickinson went missing.

The Hawley family's truck was stolen and in it was a blue suitcase that held the memory box.

The Dickinsons had been trying to have a baby for some time and were excited when Aundie became pregnant. But 35 weeks into the pregnancy, Aundie had complications and Charleigh was stillborn.

The family laid Charleigh to rest Wednesday and filled the box with a lock of her hair, keepsake cards and handprint and footprint certificates.

While the stolen truck was quickly found, the memory box remained missing.

"It's irreplaceable," J.R. said of the box. "It's not a heirloom that's been passed down. It's just a paper with ink on it. But that piece of paper with ink is worth its life in gold."

Dickinson said he doesn't care who stole the box. He just wants it returned -- anytime, anywhere -- and said no questions will be asked. A reward is also being offered.

"It's what my wife wants for her healing process of such a tragedy and devastation and give her closure," Dickinson said.