Hawley's Stokes chats about breaking Big Country passing record


ABILENE, Texas - The Hawley Bearcats did not advance to the third round of the high school football playoffs, but their loss to Stratford was still a big night.

Senior quarterback Quay Stokes threw two touchdowns to surpass Colt McCoy's record for most career passing touchdowns by a Big Country player. McCoy threw 116 TDs while playing for Jim Ned from 2001-2004. Stokes threw 117 from 2014-2017 with the Bearcats.

Stokes and Hawley head coach Mitch Ables sat down with KTXS sports reporter Evan Nemec to chat about the accomplishment and the past four seasons of Hawley football.

Below is a transcript of the interview.

Evan: What does that feel like to know you've thrown more touchdowns than anyone else in the area?

Quay: It's a humbling feeling to know I was a part of something great in the Big Country and also as a Hawley Bearcat. No words can express how much this is a team effort. With the coaching staff and unbelievable players throughout my four years at Hawley. I had some great ones come through and I couldn't have done it without them.

Evan: Coach, you've gotten to see Quay grow up for the past four years starting from a freshman quarterback all the way to his senior year. How have you seen him mature and grow?

Mitch: It's unbelievable. He's grown up. He's a great young man now. He was a great young man four years ago. He's continued to grow and the achievements he's going to have, and that he's had already are unbelievable.

Evan: Quay, you would've broken this record a lot earlier this year if you hadn't gotten hurt in the season opener. We talked about that right before you came back from that injury how you had learned to take everything and be grateful for the playing time you had. What have you learned, looking back now that your football career at Hawley is over?

Quay: My plan is not God's plan. God's plan will be done whether you want it or not. At the moment it was a hit in the gut, but I'm very thankful for it for whatever reason God's going to show. For whatever reason it happened, and I can't wait to see why that is.

Evan: The past four years have been the most successful in school history. What has that been like to be a part of that?

"Mitch: When I got on campus he was a little eighth grader. Then we started rolling. After week two of his freshman year he was forced into [the starting quarterback] role, and he's been there every since. Even when he was hurt he was right there by the team the whole time. It was pretty great to have him around."

Evan: What is one game or moment that is your favorite from playing at Hawley?

Quay: One big one is my freshman year we were down 33 points at half against Colorado City, and came back and won in overtime. That was pretty special, and it was Homecoming so it was a little bigger stage. I have countless memories as a Hawley Bearcat that I'm so proud of that I get to be a part of those memories.

Evan: Coach, you said your mission now is to get Quay a chance to play in college. What do you think his potential is?

Mitch: He can be a great player wherever he ends up. He's got that work ethic and the heart to do it. The sky's the limit.