Horse rescued from oil overflow vat in South Texas


ATASCOSA COUNTY, Texas - A horse in Atascosa County, south of San Antonio, was rescued from an oil overflow vat last week.

According to a Facebook post by Atascosa County Animal Control, they received a call on Friday evening from the Atascosa County Sheriff's Office to assist with a horse trapped up to its neck in oil.

The horse was only able to hold its head out of the oil by hanging onto the ledge with his two front hooves.




Rescuers were able to place a halter on the horse to prevent him from sinking further into the oil. The plan was to call in heavy equipment to pull the horse out, but time was running short.

A rope was placed in the halter and rescuers pulled the horse partially out of the vat, only to have his rear legs get stuck.

A wooden plank was used to free his rear legs, and a rope was placed around them as well.

Rescuers were finally able to pull the horse out of the vat, which they found out was a partially-buried oil storage tank, the depth of which was unknown--although a six-foot post sank completely under the surface.

At last check, Atascosa County Animal Control reports the horse is doing fine and was cleaned up by his owner.

The oil company will be contacted about the danger of the oil vat in order to prevent any future problems.

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