Johnston Elementary School parents want transparency after injury allegation


ABILENE, Texas - Parent's at Johnston elementary school said they feel frustrated after learning a teacher is on administrative leave after allegations were made of injury to a child.

They said they have not had problems with the school in the past and they're asking for full transparency from the district.

A mother of two, Desiree Cannon said when she saw the news, she was concerned. Cannon said she wondered why she and other parents didn't receive a call. "We should at least be communicated with," Cannon said. "Even if they obviously, they can't say the name of the teacher, or the child, but to let us know what happened so we're not imagining what happened." Parents said they found out through our report Thursday , which has them disappointed. Jessica Harkins said their children love attending Johnston Elementary.

Harkins said the teachers have been great to her son, who has dyslexia. She said that they tested him and helped him when he was failing. "They have fought for my son, so I don't feel like my son is unsafe at all, but I just feel like the school district could have done a little bit more to put me at ease," Harkins said. Phil Ashby with the Abilene Independent School District said the teacher's leave is pending the outcome of an investigation by the Abilene Police Department. APD said the school district is fully cooperating with their investigation. If there are any other parents who feel concerned about their child's safety, they're asked to contact the campus principal.

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