KTXS Forecast: Cooling temperatures and approaching rain chances.

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ABILENE, Texas - Good morning! As you're getting up conditions outside will be mostly clear to partly cloudy with some low level clouds filtering in. Temperatures will range from the low 40s to mid-50s with winds from the southwest to northwest at 5-10 mph. There will once again be a chance of fog for locations across the Big Country during the morning commute.

Tuesday afternoon will see temperatures cooler than they were yesterday. Highs will range from the low 60s to upper 70s with partly cloudy skies but build cloud cover through the day. Winds will be out of the north/ northeast for most at 5-15 mph. Tuesday night is expected to become mostly cloudy with lows in the mid/ upper 30s and the region will build a 10-20 percent chance of isolated showers as our next front moves in.

On Wednesday, rain chances will begin early in the morning and last through most of the day. Scattered showers to thundershowers can be expected and hover around 40-60 percent. Highs across the region will drop well below normal in the mid-40s to low 50s with cloudy skies and have winds from the north at 5-15 mph. Into Wednesday night skies will clear slightly and rain chances will begin to move out. Lows will cool to the mid/ upper 30s across the region.

Thursday and Friday look like they will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy with highs warming to the low/ mid-60s and winds switching to the southeast at 5-10 mph. Lows through this period will range from the mid-30s to low 50s with partly cloudy skies.

Into the weekend, for Saturday, highs will be back around average in the upper 60s/ low 70s with partly cloudy skies and have winds from the south at 5-10 mph. Saturday night a weak cold front will begin to move into the region. This will keep skies partly cloudy, switch winds to the northeast at 5-10 mph and cool lows to the upper 40s/ low 50s.

Sunday afternoon will see highs cool to the mid/ upper 60s with partly cloudy skies and have northeast winds at 5-10 mph. Into Sunday night the region will keep partly cloudy conditions with lows in the upper 40s and there will be a 10 percent chance of isolated showers.

Currently, for Monday, it looks like we will be partly cloudy with highs staying in the mid-60s. Winds will be out of the east/ southeast at 5-10 mph and there will be a 10 percent chance of showers through the day.

Have a great day! -MV-

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