Landlord struggling to evict man living rent-free in his driveway


LETHBRIDGE, Alberta (WOAI/SBG) - A bizarre and confusing dispute between landlord and tenant in southern Alberta, Canada.

Robert Cox has been living in a homemade shelter on his landlord's driveway for the last month. He used to rent the home beside his shelter with his partner until she moved out and he refused to leave the property.

"I just have to stay focused on what I want and where I want to go and this (points to mini home) is part of the future for me," explained Cox. "Nobody is going to take that from me."




Cox isn't paying rent to live on the driveway while using the home's electricity. Ivan Negrych the landlord of the property has called police multiple times to have Cox evicted, but police won't get involved because they say it's a civil matter.

"The people who are paying their taxes, paying their dues and trying to live a proper life, live by the law, their hands are tied," said Negrych. "I can't go on my own property without a written letter stating that I have to give him 24 hours written permission, or notice, to go on his property."

Cox is claiming 'provincial squatter rights,' but those don't apply since he hasn't been on the land for the minimum 10-year period.

Negrych has hired a lawyer and is taking Cox to court to have him removed.

Cox says he plans on moving off the driveway one day, but can't afford it at the moment.