Legendary actress Mary Tyler Moore dead at age 80


NEW YORK (AP) - Her groundbreaking TV show helped revolutionize the way women are portrayed on the small screen. Mary Tyler Moore has died at the age of 80. After gaining fame as Laura Petrie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" in the 1960s, she starred as Mary Richards, a Minneapolis TV news producer on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" -- bringing to TV audiences an independent, 1970s career woman. The series ran seven seasons and won 29 Emmys. Carl Reiner -- creator of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" -- remembers Moore as "an impressive person and a talented person and a beautiful person. A force of nature." He says, "She'll last forever, as long as there's television." Ellen DeGeneres tweets that Mary Tyler Moore "changed the world for all women." Moore told The Associated Press in 1995 that her life was "inextricably intertwined with Mary Richards', and probably always will be." More from ABC News On Sunday, from 1-4 p.m., MeTV will pay tribute by airing six of the best episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show 1:00pm- "Love Is All Around"

In the critically-acclaimed pilot, Mary Tyler Moore debuts as the ambitious and independent Mary Richards - a bold shift that made its way into the writers' room of the hit show as female writers took on more prominent roles. Emmy winner Ed Asner utters the famous line "You've got spunk! I hate spunk!"

1:30pm- "Put On A Happy Face" Moore displays her comedic chops in this "Murphy's Law" episode where Mary is nominated for a prestigious award and everything that could possibly go wrong - does!

2:00pm- "The Dinner Party" Mary Richards' failed dinner parties were a running joke throughout the series and this episode ranks as one of the most memorable displays of the unrivaled chemistry among the ensemble cast.

2:30pm- "Chuckles Bites the Dust" Often ranked as one of the greatest television episodes of all time, the sudden death of station co-worker, Chuckles the Clown brings about more laughter than tears. Writer David Lloyd earned an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series."

3:00pm- "Lou Dates Mary" In the penultimate episode of the series, viewers finally get a resolution to Lou's and Mary's "will they or won't they" dynamic. They ultimately do not, staying true to the series' feminist roots by keeping Mary single, independent and not too concerned about it.

3:30pm- "The Last Show" When WJM-TV is sold, the team is forced to go their separate ways in a bittersweet series finale that is hailed by television critics. Mary ends the series in one of TV's most famous final scenes.

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