Local establishments to serve alcohol until 2 a.m. starting Oct. 1


ABILENE, Texas - Places in Abilene will now be allowed to serve alcohol until 2 a.m. starting October 1, if they choose. The Abilene Police Department said they are prepared for this change.

APD Assistant Chief Doug Wrenn said they will hold shifts over on the weekends to make sure there are plenty of officers on the roads. He said their call volumes vary by weekend, but there might be even more calls now that places will stay open later.

said. "So with any alcohol consumption people's behavior changes their decision making or good decision making decreases, so consequently we deal with a little more calls for service." Wrenn "With a change like this, we absolutely expect more people to be out a little bit later in the evening or early mornings in this case,"

He said they had a recent academy graduation so there will be more officers out on the streets during the early morning hours.

"We would like to thank our city council for delaying passing this ordinance until later in the year with our new recruits getting trained," Wrenn said. "So we're more effective on the streets with this last academy graduation so it sure was a lot better than having it when the summer months."

The Abilene Police Department encourages the community to plan and behave responsibly by having a designated driver after drinking.

"We are going to be ready to go," Wrenn said. "We absolutely want to remind the community that being out that late at night drinking and driving it is not a good option, it's not something that we're going to take lightly and we will be out looking for you. "

KTXS reached out to a few local bars and some said they have not decided whether they want to stay open until 2 a.m. yet.

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