Abilene woman donates items to help fire victims


ABILENE,Texas - After flames tore through a Matador Street home on Dec. 29, three Abilenians suddenly found themselves homeless.

Kathy Heard, her boyfriend, and her son-in-law are on their last dime and living at a family friend's house after flames engulfed their home, but the heart of one local citizen has given the family renewed hope.

"I'm sure that was a terrible experience, losing your home and everything in it," said Marge Rainwater. "I had all these clothes that I needed to get rid of so I thought I would call and see if I can help her in any way."

The majority of Heard's belongings inside the house are gone, along with their only means of transportation.

"I think that's what God wants us to do, to give back to any person that needs help because that can happen to us," Rainwater said.

Heard was emotional when she and her family got the unexpected news of generosity from a stranger, but she said her faith is helping her.

"I say my prayers every night. God please help me get through this I can't do it alone," Heard said.

Without it, she knows she won't make it through this trying time.

"It's been hard. I've had a hard time with a lot of things but it's looking up some. We're going to make it with God's help and the people around here that have helped us. We're going to make it, we're really going to make it," Heard said.

The family said they won't forget Rainwater's help.

"Somebody actually cares. She's the first one that's came over and that makes me feel good. She has to be my Godsent angel," said Heard.