Man accused of pointing rifle at APD: 'I sell drugs I don't rob no (expletive) body'

Willie Gray

ABILENE, Texas -- The man accused of pointing an assault rifle at an Abilene police officer, resulting in a daylong manhunt, says he didn't do it.

"I don't even have aggravated robberies or nothing like that on my case file," said Willie Gray, who is behind bars on a $200,000 bond. "I sell drugs. That's what I do. I don't rob no (expletive) body."

KTXS spoke to Gray on Thursday morning at the Taylor County Jail. He was arrested Wednesday night .

Police Chief Stan Standridge said Gray pointed an "assault rifle" at an officer "with the intent of murdering" the officer. Police believe the assault rifle being carried by Gray was stolen during a crime spree that started Tuesday night.

According to a court document, the officer said "he is 85 to 90 percent confident" that the person who pointed the gun at him was Gray. The officer said he had seen Gray's photo in reference to a burglary Tuesday night on Woodhaven Circle in south Abilene. During the burglary, seven guns were stolen, including an AR-15.

"If I had a gun, if I did some stupid stuff like that to an officer, I wouldn't have been walking down the (expletive) street last night and let him pull up on me," Gray said. "I would have tried to evade the arrest. That's just common sense."

Police arrested Gray late Wednesday after someone called 911 saying they saw him in the 1600 block of Graham Street. When patrol officers responded, he was unarmed and in the street.

"I was walking and smokin' my weed and I was drinkin' my beer," Gray said. "… I chose not to run because I haven't did nothing wrong. My track record shows I always run when I do something wrong."

He added, "they don't have no proof, no facts. But I'm just sittin' in the county (jail) on somebody sayin' that I did something. It don't matter if it's an officer or not because officers do wrong too."

Gray, who noted he was "fresh" out of prison after serving 10 years, said he didn't have any encounters with police on Wednesday until he was arrested.

KTXS contacted the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which said Gray received a 10-year sentence for possession of cocaine with intent to deliver (Taylor County) and a 1-year sentence for possession of a controlled substance (Taylor County). He pleaded guilty in 2007 and was released on Dec. 22, 2016.

TDCJ mugshot

During the manhunt on Wednesday, Standridge said police seized a car where they found some of the guns and the ammo that was stolen from the home on Woodhaven.

"Yes, they found bullets in my car or whatever, but like I told them, I had let somebody use my car," Gray said.

Gray said he watched news coverage during the manhunt.

"When I seen my photo (on the news), I said 'that's (expletive) up' and I didn't have a phone … so I couldn't call nobody."


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