Michigan homeowner shoots& kills 2 intruders during home invasion


SANILAC COUNTY, Texas (WEYI/SBG) - The Sanilac County Sheriff says a homeowner shot and killed two men who broke into his home in the 4300 Block of Holbrook Road in Greenleaf Township in Sanilac County early this morning.

The homeowner told investigators three men broke into his home and shot him in the leg.

The homeowner returned fire hitting one or more of the suspects.




The Sheriff says one intruder died at the scene while another intruder was found dead inside a vehicle in a ditch at Holbrook and Germania Roads.

Investigators say the suspect inside the vehicle who died is from the Flint area.

The vehicle was reported stolen from Flint in October of this year.

The third suspect has been taken into custody.

No further information has been released.