Missing man's father reacts to empty results after north Abilene search


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene police held an intense search for a missing man this weekend.

Monday night we heard from his father. After four years, Allin Rodman is refusing to give up on finding his son, Clay.

Rodman said this weekend was full of highs and lows after what the family thought was a solid lead turned into another dead end.

However, they did get some new information they hope they'll be able to build on.

"He was our oldest child, very smart, got an English degree from Texas A&M, was an avid reader, very well read," Rodman said remembering his son, Clay.

Clay would now be 36. Rodman said Clay struggled with alcohol and had recently gotten out of rehab in Abilene when he fell in with a bad crowd and disappeared in 2013.

"We had our hopes up pretty high," Rodman said.

Those high hopes came Saturday after police got a tip from an informant that Clay's body might be found on property in the 3900 block of Old Anson Road.

"We had information we believe is credible, and so we followed up with a search warrant and decided to search the property," said Det. Joshua Ward with the Abilene Police Department.

They used cadaver dogs, radars from Dyess Air Force Base and a backhoe to dig.

But Rodman said that high fell to a deep low when the search was called off after 11 hours, and Clay's body was not found.

"That may sound strange, but when you've gone 47 months, essentially four years, we just want to give Clay a burial he would have wanted and just kind of get closure and just know where he is," Rodman said.

Rodman added that tip to police matches information they already got from a private investigator, and they're hoping some new names the informant was able to provide will give them new avenues in their search for Clay.

Rodman is also offering a $21,000 reward for information that helps him find his son.

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