Missing Person Cold Case: Michael Adams

ABILENE, Texas - Twenty-four years ago the disappearance of Michael Adams hit close to home for a lot of folks in the Abilene area.

The night of June 8, 1987 is the last time anyone saw Michael. The 18 year-old Cooper High School graduate was working at "M System" grocery store before heading to Texas Tech in the fall.

His step-sister was in bed when she heard him pull in the driveway after work. Another car pulled up, and she saw him casually talk with the driver. That was the last anyone would see of Mike.

In 2009, Michael's dad talk to KTXS News about that night.

"Course, we just thought that he was just a friend, so my step daughter went back to sleep and that was the last time anybody ever seen him...he just vanished into the night, " said Howard Adams.

Authorities explored all sorts of leads, but their investigation into Michael's disappearance turned up nothing substantial.

In February of 1991, the television show "Missing: Reward," profiled Michael's story. Abilene Police Missing Persons Detective Tony Golson was on that program, and has been on the Adams case since day one.

Today, evidence, leads, and information on Michael's case fill an entire drawer in Golson's office. Even after all this time, the Adams case is still a part of Golson's everyday work.

"But it is day after day of running into road blocks, brick walls if you will, it is pretty tough," said Detective Golson.

A couple of years back, some people heard Michael had called an old friend, told him he was okay, and to please tell his parents he was alright. Word was that friend was later questioned by police. However, Detective Golson confirms, it was all just a rumor.

"There's been nothing concrete, nothing that would be enough to present for any type of criminal investigation," said Detective Golson.

But that won't stop Golson. He says there isn't a day he doesn't think of Michael and why it's important he keeps searching for answers.

"I can't imagine anything more horrible than to lose your child or to have a child and not know where that child is that would be to me the hardest thing to ever live through," said Golson.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Michael Adams, call Abilene Police at 325.673.8331.

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