Mother of apparent overdose victim reacts to dealer's arrest


ABILENE, Texas - Wednesday evening Abilene police arrested a man they believe is linked to several deadly drug overdoses that occured last week.

Crystal Long held her son's funeral Tuesday and he was cremated Wednesday. Wednesday night she was she relieved and thankful to hear police are making progress.

Police served a warrant at a home in the 7900 block of Bonnie Circle in the Wylie area. After a foot chase, they arrested 36-year-old Michael Deon Thompson. They believe he was dealing heroin linked to those three deadly overdoses.

"He took my only son, my first-born child," said Crystal Long, the mother of one of those who died. "I will never have grandchildren from him. I will never see my son again. I will miss his smile forever."

Long's son, 22-year-old Ricky Wilkinson, was found dead in his car Friday.

Wilkinson was one of three people to die of apparent heroin overdoses in an 11-hour period last week. Another woman was taken to the hospital after overdosing.

"We focus on drugs all day long, but when it becomes that big of an impact to the city, and people are dying from it, it becomes the number one priority for our division," said Lt. Craig Jordan with APD's Special Operations Division.

Police are trying to determine what, if anything, made that heroin especially dangerous.

"It could have been a more potent heroin or it could have been laced with something that could have been a deadly combination, but until we get the analysis back from the lab, we won't know for sure," Jordan said.

Long said she hopes the arrest will prevent another family from feeling her pain.

"It is the worst pain I have ever felt," Long said. "I feel every emotion at one time. I am angry. I'm scared. I'm sad. I'm just frightened. I'm sick. It is every negative emotion that a person could ever have."

Police say more arrests are possible, as this is still an ongoing investigation.

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