Mountain Cedar causing woes for allergy sufferers in Abilene


ABILENE, Texas - If you've been sneezing a lot lately, you're not alone.

Allergy season is getting the best of some folks in Abilene, especially with winds coming from south of the Big Country.

"Mountain Cedar or Juniper, those two are in the same family, which is where we're seeing all the pollen for this," said Allergist Dr. Ashley Hall with Hendrick Medical Center. "So everybody that is allergic to those things are definitely having symptoms right now."

A few people we spoke with agreed it has been a tough month for allergies.

"Horrible, just horrible," said Pamela Lackey.

"They've been awful. I've been sneezing and coughing," said Cahyton Lackey.

"They're really bad this year," said Samantha Bailey.

Hall said being allergic to mountain cedar is common.

"The majority of people I test are normally positive to mountain cedar," Hall said.

Allergies are causing multiple people to sneeze, cough, and have watery eyes.

"I've got gunk in the back of my throat. My eyes feel like they're on fire. My nose either runs or it's so stopped up and I can't breathe," Lackey said.

"I sneeze a lot and I cough a lot," said Savanna Allumvaugh.

If you have some of these symptoms, Hall recommends a few allergy medications.

"Normally, I start with a steroid nose spray like Flonase, Nasacort, which are over the counter now, also Rhinocort and an anti-histamine, Zyrtec and Allegra or other generics," Hall said.

Hall said if these allergy pills don't work, patients should try another pill or look into getting allergy shots.

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