Abilene nightclub stabbing trial: Victim's bloodied clothes displayed


ABILENE, Texas - Noe Trevino pleaded not guilty to first-degree felony murder during the first day of his trial in Abilene.

Abilene police say Trevino stabbed Lewis Maston, 49, outside Club Ol' Skool in March 2015.

Maston's granddaughter, Erica Hill, testified about the night of the alleged murder. She said Maston was breaking up a fight between Trevino and other guys when the two got into a shoving match. She said Maston hit Trevino, and that's when Trevino jabbed him several times with a knife.

Hill said she first thought Trevino was only punching him until she saw blood pour from his wounds. The jury listened to Hill's 911 call pleading with the dispatcher to send an ambulance. She said she called multiple times before they finally arrived.

Taylor County District Attorney Jim Hicks called upon several officers establishing the scene, including a blood trail left behind from Maston that began near Gloria's Grill.

One officer testified to the photos he took from the trauma room in Hendrick Medical Center, where Maston laid in bed with multiple stab wounds.

Sniffles could be heard from Maston's family, who lined the first two rows, and several of them shared a box of tissues t hrough the trial.

Another officer took to the stand and carried two bags carefully taped shut with Maston's possessions from the night of his death.

Hicks presented the jury with Maston's blue and white plaid polo, which was covered in dried blood. The shirt had multiple tears about an inch wide, which the officer said came from a knife. Hicks then grabbed Maston's jeans, also stained with blood, and hung the two items of clothing on the side of a drawing board in the front of the jury.

The sight was too much for one family member, who sobbed loudly as she was escorted out of the courtroom.

The trial resumes with testimony at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

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The murder trial for an Abilene man is scheduled to begin Monday morning.

Noe Trevino, 24, is accused of stabbing 49-year-old Lewis Maston to death outside an Abilene nightclub in March of 2015.

Trevino was arrested a few months later in Des Moines, Iowa.

Since then he's been held at the Taylor County Jail on that murder charge .

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