Neighbors watch SWAT situation unfold on north Abilene street


ABILENE, Texas - Neighbors in north Abilene watched a SWAT situation unfold Wednesday afternoon. Police said it all started hours earlier when someone stole a vehicle at gunpoint.

"I got a phone call saying there's cops down the street, and we got down here, and they started blocking off the street, pulling out guns then the SWAT team came trying to get them out of the house," Justin Wright said.

Police said it all began with a carjacking Wednesday morning. The vehicle was stolen at gunpoint, but it was spotted at a home near North 3rd and Victoria streets hours later, at about 1 p.m.

"Given the possibility of an armed suspect in this case the SWAT team responded and took over perimeter operations," said Sgt. Lynn Beard, with the Abilene Police Department. "A couple of our crisis negotiators showed up and made contact with the person inside the residence and were able to talk them out."

Police said that person eventually surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody. Some neighbors who were surprised by the police presence were glad no one was hurt.

"It's crazy," Wright said. "I grew up in this neighborhood. Everybody I care about lives on this street."

Police said they're trying to determine if the person inside the house is the same person who stole that vehicle at gunpoint.

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